How to Choose the Best Smartphone App Development Company

It is essential that you find and choose the best mobile application development team to turn your awesome idea into an app that you can truly be proud of. With the myriad of options out in the market, finding a company that can execute your plan can be quite a challenge. The following tips will help you pick out the best app development team to give your idea wings:

• Look for a company with experience and reputation. A good way to check a company’s reputation and credibility is looking for references and reviews from their previous clients. Examining their work and product portfolio will also help you determine whether or not they are the best people to trust with your app idea. Pay attention to companies that have experience in creating apps that are similar to what you have in mind, have an in-depth knowledge of the various operating systems and mobile platforms, and have a good track record of delivering quality solutions.

• Choose a company with solid customer service. Poor customer support brings great problems to your development process down the line. This is why it is critical you find a company that pays attention to their customer support right from the start.

• Look for companies that offer out-of-the-box solutions and services to maximize your app’s potential. The most successful apps are unique, innovative, and offer something new to the table. These are the very things that set them apart from the mediocre apps in the market.

• Choose a company you can afford. Huge firms have their advantages, but they do come at a price. What’s important is that you find a Smartphone App Development company that offers their services at reasonable rates and provides quality results without causing a dent in your pocket.


Mobile Application Development in Gurgaon: A Perfect Demonstration of Immense Growth

Many business decision makers wonder whether or not investing in a mobile application is a good move for their organization. In this day and age of the mobile revolution, this is a legitimate question, especially when concerned about your standing against your strongest competitors. If you are one of those business leaders wondering if an app makes sense for your organization, here are some insights into helping you understand the benefits and possibilities for growth that mobile application development brings:

• People far and wide are spending increasing amounts of time and energy on their smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices, and less on PCs and laptops. Smartphones today are, in fact, becoming phablets, making them more suitable for more powerful applications.

• Tablets have officially outsold PCs, which is why it is crucial for businesses to take the mobile revolution more seriously. Customers spend most of their time on mobile devices, with the average person spending at least 2 hours a day on a smartphone or some other type of mobile device. Out of these 2 glorious hours, about 86 percent of time is on a mobile application. The remaining 14 percent is spent on a mobile browser, meaning consumers are more likely to use apps instead of a mobile-friendly version of your business’ website.

• Mobile applications not only offer faster and more relevant results, they also offer offline viewing, meaning consumers can get access to information even if they are not connected to the internet. Therefore, your contact details and other important information remain accessible to consumers when they need it.

• Applications also help increase consumer loyalty as your company logo is consistently displayed on their personal devices. Having your app installed also means that your services and information are only one tap away, not to mention all the marketing benefits such as push notifications and advertising offered by mobile applications.

Hybris Development – An Essential Gateway

Hybris is being called the future of e-commerce development. Hybris is a platform that allows businesses to develop both B2C and B2B sales platform for the web, mobile, and physical stores that may be operated directly by the business, or by a multi-brand retail store. Hybris offers the ability to create engaging interfaces for the customer and focus their attention on the product through images, videos and written content and data. It is a Linux-based technology that was derived heavily from C and C++. So what has set it apart and made it so popular in the e-commerce development solutions market?

There are many features that make Hybris stand out amongst its competitors.

• Higher Development Speeds: This is one of the major positive factors for Hybris. It allows for ultra-fast development and deployment with its Commerce Accelerator having pre-configured solutions for specific regions and industries for both B2B and B2C environments.

• PIM Tech: Hybris Product Content Management (PCM) is an award-winning Product Information Management (PIM) technology allows a business to draw upon numerous data sources to present its products. Hybris automatically raises the bar when it comes to capability and the ability to integrate into an ‘Omni-channel’ environment.

• Data Modeling Capacity: The ability of Hybris to intricately model data and get the most out of data is another factor behind the immense popularity of this technology.

• Developer Transitioning: Hybris can be easily taught to those with a background in Java APIs. The database beyond the DMZ typically utilizes MySQL for small and medium operations, or Oracle for enterprise solutions. This familiarity with popular technologies gives it an edge over other technologies as it reduces the cost of resource in training and management.

• Scalability: Hybris is designed to provide unparalleled scalability with the growing needs of a business. The extensibility comes without having to put undue stress on existing infrastructure as it offers excellent ease of integration as well.

Hybris has come to dominate a market that was earlier held only by large enterprise development solution providers like IBM or Oracle. Hybrid Development offers various robust and outstanding features which makes it the perfect platform for any commerce, marketing, and billing solution for both B2B and B2C environments.

Choosing the Right Hybris Developers – A Promise of Flawlessness and Success

With the coming of the digital revolution, more people are using the internet to buy products and access a variety of services. The ecommerce industry is more popular and relevant than ever before. The online retail industry is expected to see further increased growth in the future.

To attract more consumers, it is imperative that ecommerce websites have a smooth interface and a user-friendly navigation structure. The Hybris system by SAP has emerged as one of the foremost tools amongst B2B and B2C ecommerce applications.

Hybris has made the management of multiple business models, channels and markets easier by integrating all components into one single, unified system. It allows ecommerce players to provide their users with the same experience across all screens, be it smartphones, tablets or desktops. The solution has helped enable speedier upgrades, enhanced usability and manage mobile apps more effectively. Because of these advantages, it is not a surprise that Hybris is touted as one of the best applications for the ecommerce industry.

Considering the importance of Hybris, it is pivotal to hire the right Hybris developers for your Hybris application needs. For those scouting for good developers, Delhi, the capital city of India, may have the answer. The city houses some of more exceptionally talented Hybris developers the market has to offer. The suburb of Gurgaon hosts some leading technology companies having extensive expertise in developing e-commerce platforms.

Certain Points to Consider While Hiring Hybris Developers

Skill Level: Hybris software development is an extremely skilled domain. Before hiring a developer, enquire about the develop’s professional background and skill level. Hire only when sure of the developer’s technical know-how and experience. Go for the best in the business.

Specific Client Demands: You may have something special and unique in mind to stand out amongst the crowd. Fulfilling these requirements requires an extremely creative developer. Ask for ways in which the developers can help achieve what is best for the business. Prospective candidates should be able to explain the entire process and development model of the application.

Reliability: Like any other service, it is necessary to choose a reliable Hybris developer who meets your expectations and timelines. Opt for someone who has sufficient experience in providing top-notch services.

Support System: Full-time support should be an integral part of the service. As an owner of a company, you may have different questions regarding the service, during and after development. The service should include regular maintenance, upgrades, removal of bugs, etc.

Delhi has many expert hybris developers who offer standardized as well as customized Hybris services. Visit websites of some of the top players and proceed to requesting a quote. The good ones will come back with a list of requirements before quoting a price. Choose wisely after thorough market research.

Mobile App Development Changes the Way You Do Business

Mobile applications are more than a trend businesses should adopt to stay relevant. With consumers constantly looking down a screen, the mobile market is the place to be if you want to reach out to the modern audience. It is estimated that the average attention-span of a normal human being is 8 seconds, leaving very little room to catch their attention.

Failing to see the value of mobile applications can lead to a great amount of missed opportunities for your business. If you think a mobile site is enough, here are points that make the case for a mobile app and why you should seriously consider investing in one:

•For starters, unlike a typical website, mobile apps stay on a device once downloaded. This means constant exposure for your business, even when users are simply browsing their mobile devices. Seeing your app logo, which might as well be your business logo boosts, your exposure and compels them to check out what’s new.

•Mobile apps help increase interest in your products and services, especially when you utilize notifications to showcase your new products and services as well as your promotions. They make excellent one-stop point for consumers to get all the information they need about latest offerings.

•Applications also enhance user engagement as they can get new offers and other types of incentives in real time. Profile information and location details can also be used to customize offerings for every app user, making your business even more attractive to customers.

Mobile applications aid in business promotion while also providing real time support for customers. Not only can they be used to answer to requests, they can also be great platforms for how-to’s and instructibles, so customers will know how to interact with your business better.

•Applications also enable a fuss-free experience for consumers, as they provide easy access to different aspects of your business.

Understanding the Trend of Offshore Software Product Development

Developing core expertise for software development in-house is not only financially challenging but also time draining—preventing the realization of growth in a quicker, much more ideal timeline. Outsourcing software product development to offshore companies not only accelerates the creation of important software products which can be used for business operations, but also reduces project cycles, costs, and time-to-market – thus making schedules more predictable. This also helps a firm manage resources better while reducing market and technology risks, all of which translate to faster growth, and a more scalable business.

Outsourcing software product development offers an entire world of advantages for businesses, not only in terms of current operations but also in terms of future growth:

• Cost savings – Outsourcing software development reduces employee-level and other related costs such as recruitment, supervision, payroll, and benefits. This also eliminates the cost of equipment depreciation and obsolescence, thus giving you even more cost benefits. While a portion of your savings will naturally go to the outsourcing company, you still save a great deal from the infrastructure and manpower that you won’t have to invest in.

• Service quality – As an outsourcing company’s customer, one can expect the highest quality of service which drives the quality of end product. Firms today have easy access to the best pool of talent disregarding the high cost, along with the best technologies, methodologies, and practices that will help maintain your business’ competitive edge.

• Focus on core business activities – By delegating software product development to expert third parties, a business can pay more attention to core business activities and manage your business strategies better without indulging in ancillary functions. This will greatly improve business productivity and quality of services, especially when ready to deploy the outsourced software product.

The Growing Trend of Outsourced Software Product Development

Outsourced software product development continues to grow as a major service delivery trend due to the transitory nature of consumer expectations, market trends, and updated technologies. Companies are shifting their focus to enhanced consumer satisfaction & better technical support, by offering a wider range of innovative services. Outsourcing software product development is not only proving to be an attractive concept, but is emerging to be a truly beneficial practice in the modern digital age.

Below are other major reasons why more businesses & organizations are choosing to outsource their software development:

• Software product companies are focused on identifying market opportunities, aligning client vision with rapidly-changing market requirements, facilitating innovation, refining processes, and most importantly – marketing products. These factors work to the advantage of clients looking to focus on other important aspects of business development, rather than product development.

• Software product outsourcing companies have the required expertise needed to serve in a variety of business verticals. Established firms have expert engineering teams at hand, who know about the technicalities of software development, and take the time to study and understand business needs. This kind of focused development ensures supreme quality of the end product. Developers realize that time is of the essence when it comes to development, thus offering fast time-to-market without compromising product quality.

• Software development companies can rapidly mobilize expert teams according to your market demands, allowing you to pack more features into the program you are developing. All products are also certified for quality and have all the right documentation to support its value.

• Most firms operate out of technologically advanced countries like India, where you not only have access to a superb talent pool, but hire experts at very reasonable costs. This allows for great development sustainability and a greater return on investment (ROI).