Mobile Application Development in Gurgaon: A Perfect Demonstration of Immense Growth

Many business decision makers wonder whether or not investing in a mobile application is a good move for their organization. In this day and age of the mobile revolution, this is a legitimate question, especially when concerned about your standing against your strongest competitors. If you are one of those business leaders wondering if an app makes sense for your organization, here are some insights into helping you understand the benefits and possibilities for growth that mobile application development brings:

• People far and wide are spending increasing amounts of time and energy on their smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices, and less on PCs and laptops. Smartphones today are, in fact, becoming phablets, making them more suitable for more powerful applications.

• Tablets have officially outsold PCs, which is why it is crucial for businesses to take the mobile revolution more seriously. Customers spend most of their time on mobile devices, with the average person spending at least 2 hours a day on a smartphone or some other type of mobile device. Out of these 2 glorious hours, about 86 percent of time is on a mobile application. The remaining 14 percent is spent on a mobile browser, meaning consumers are more likely to use apps instead of a mobile-friendly version of your business’ website.

• Mobile applications not only offer faster and more relevant results, they also offer offline viewing, meaning consumers can get access to information even if they are not connected to the internet. Therefore, your contact details and other important information remain accessible to consumers when they need it.

• Applications also help increase consumer loyalty as your company logo is consistently displayed on their personal devices. Having your app installed also means that your services and information are only one tap away, not to mention all the marketing benefits such as push notifications and advertising offered by mobile applications.


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