Understanding the Trend of Offshore Software Product Development

Developing core expertise for software development in-house is not only financially challenging but also time draining—preventing the realization of growth in a quicker, much more ideal timeline. Outsourcing software product development to offshore companies not only accelerates the creation of important software products which can be used for business operations, but also reduces project cycles, costs, and time-to-market – thus making schedules more predictable. This also helps a firm manage resources better while reducing market and technology risks, all of which translate to faster growth, and a more scalable business.

Outsourcing software product development offers an entire world of advantages for businesses, not only in terms of current operations but also in terms of future growth:

• Cost savings – Outsourcing software development reduces employee-level and other related costs such as recruitment, supervision, payroll, and benefits. This also eliminates the cost of equipment depreciation and obsolescence, thus giving you even more cost benefits. While a portion of your savings will naturally go to the outsourcing company, you still save a great deal from the infrastructure and manpower that you won’t have to invest in.

• Service quality – As an outsourcing company’s customer, one can expect the highest quality of service which drives the quality of end product. Firms today have easy access to the best pool of talent disregarding the high cost, along with the best technologies, methodologies, and practices that will help maintain your business’ competitive edge.

• Focus on core business activities – By delegating software product development to expert third parties, a business can pay more attention to core business activities and manage your business strategies better without indulging in ancillary functions. This will greatly improve business productivity and quality of services, especially when ready to deploy the outsourced software product.


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