Top 5 Latest Trends in Smartphone App Development in India

With the continued decline of PC sales and the subsequent rise of mobile device consumption and use, there is no question where the future lies when it comes to technological preferences. The number of mobile devices accessing the web are skyrocketing. It was not very long ago that for the first time in history, more people used mobile devices to visit e-commerce sites as compared to desktop computers. These metrics clearly state that mobile is indeed the way to go. As of now, is it enough to invest in basic smartphone / mobile app development?

The following trends might help you decide:

• Voice is coming back, and texting is slowly becoming out of style. With voice now becoming the preferred means of sending messages, making calls and doing a range of tasks such as web searches via smartphones, it is highly likely that demand for voice apps will rise. In recent years, different voice apps have already started to appear on the bigger scene. Applications such as Line, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Kik, which provide instant messaging not only through text windows, but also through audio & video channels.

• The internet of things industry is gaining even more momentum, which means developers will need to be conversant with means to leverage and build upon the array of location-based and services which will be introduced online in the upcoming years.

• The demand for responsive apps is still high, as consumers continue to demand support for their device’s screen size.

• The mobile payment market is also growing rapidly and more players are clamoring aboard the Google Wallet and Apple Pay train. Mobile app developers must explore methods to ensure that applications are plugged into the latest and most innovative ways to purchase physical goods and services.

• Wearable devices are also revolutionizing a new and growing industry closely related to smartphones. Therefore, developers need to keep an eye out on the wearable market, and start developing apps for these types of application environments, including enhanced interactions with smartphones.


An Overview of Mobile App Development Companies in Gurgaon

India has always been a leading player in technology and related industries, and it continues to be a major hub for new innovations, particularly in the mobile app development. With the mobile revolution getting stronger day by day, fuelled by the constant rise of smartphone penetration in various global markets, the demand for mobile app development is also an all-time high. Businesses today are looking for the cost-efficient ways to create mobile versions of their products and services, and many of them are turning to off-shoring to meet the rising need. India is probably one of the countries with the greatest population of mobile app development companies, and rightfully so, because some of the most skilled and talented developers in the world are bred in the country.

Indian companies deliver consistent quality and excellence when it comes to the products that they produce, and they offer their services at scaled down costs. In fact, one of the greatest advantages of having your mobile app development outsourced to an India-based firm is the cost, which is about 40 to 60 percent less than when you choose to keep development in-house or outsource to an on-shore development. This means superior quality work at a significantly lower price.

Today, the country is a hub for at least 50,000 mobile app development firms and companies, with access to a rich pool of highly talented and dedicated developers. This huge technical pool also has access to the latest technologies and resources to keep your products at the cutting edge. If you are considering outsourcing your mobile app development project, consider an India-based company, which can pretty much guarantees the quality and profitability of your investment. India is the only country in the world, experiencing a 25 to 30 percent annual growth rate in the IT outsourcing industry, which says a lot about the quality of services that its companies can offer.